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Unveiling Business Opportunities in the Brazilian Market: IBREI Event at BACC in New York

On November 7, 2023, the Brazilian Institute of International Business Relations (IBREI), in collaboration with the Brazil American Chamber (BACC) and the Finocchio & Ustra Advogados law firm, hosted a breakfast seminar in New York. The event, titled "Opening Doors to the Brazilian Market," fostered an enlightening discussion on the potential for doing business in Brazil. The first panel, "Overview of the Brazilian Market," was moderated by James Rosenstein, a board member of 1BusinessWorld and the U.S. representative of IBREI. The speakers were: - Maurício Prazak, President of IBREI and partner at Finocchio & Ustra Advogados, - Luiz Flávio Cordeiro, Partner at Mourão Campos Contadores, who participated via Zoom, - Ramon Fernandez Aracil Filho, Partner at Grupo Mourão Campos. The second panel, "Navigating Challenges in the Brazilian Market - Case Studies of American Companies in Brazil," was moderated by Jeff Levy, Senior Business Development at 2H Software and Advisor at 1BusinessWorld. The speakers were Felipe Cervone and Bruno Santo, both Partners at Finocchio & Ustra Advogados. The event took place at the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce headquarters, located at 485 Madison Avenue, Suite 401, New York, NY, 10022. 1BusinessWorld, Inc. was the official media partner of the event. The seminar provided a valuable insight into the Brazilian market, covering topics such as accessing and navigating opportunities, and exploring various sectors. Success stories of American companies thriving in the vibrant Brazilian economy were highlighted, along with the legal and intricate challenges faced by these companies. The event was a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors interested in expanding their horizons in the Brazilian market, strengthening commercial ties between Brazil and the United States.


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