Reunião de Diretoria e Conselho do IBREI


The Brazilian Institute for International Business Relations Development is a non-profit civil association that brings together individuals and companies, in different countries, aiming at national development.

Its mission is to build bridges between professionals, companies and institutions, both public and private, improving the quality of the national and international business environment.

Our Activities:

To fulfill its mission, IBREI actively works to:

  • promote Brazil's image to the international market;

  • facilitate access to relevant and up-to-date information on markets and business practices;

  • promote international business diplomacy, increasing the visibility of business opportunities in different countries;

  • guide companies, investors and professionals in the development of international business;

  • collaborate in updating and improving the skills of professionals, companies and institutions;

  • promote studies to improve the legislation that governs the business environment and related areas;

  • examine and comment on economic, political, social and technological issues that impact the national and international market;

  • assist relations between the private and public sectors;

  • encourage the application of best corporate governance and compliance practices in public and private organizations.

IBREI`s interview for the Código de Honra TV Show