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On 03/17/22, the Women Entrepreneur Forum took place, one of the largest global meetings of women entrepreneurs and leaders in the world.

The event was organized by IBREI, together with WICCI (Womens Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), CEMEC (Conselho da Mulher Empreendedora e da Cultura), ACSP (Commercial Association of São Paulo) and FACESP (Federation of Trade Associations of State of Sao Paulo).

Held at FECOMERCIO/SP Headquarters, the forum had 7 Panels composed of great businesswomen and leaders from Brazil and the world.

It had more than 50 speakers and more than 600 businesswomen and entrepreneurs participating in the face-to-face format (plus a hundred in the online format).

The purpose of WeForum was to promote interaction, connection and collaboration between women around the world, enabling an ecosystem of exchange and sisterhood. The focus was to inspire entrepreneurship and leadership, boosting women's protagonism and economic empowerment.

In addition, real business and investment possibilities were generated and the main thematic pillars were discussed with major market themes: Health, Finance, Basic Industries, Innovation, Policy, Investment and Business.

Participants also had access to business development in round tables, as well as investment opportunities, through awards organized in conjunction with Microsoft's We Ventures – Venture Capital Fund for Female Startups.

Video of best moments:

More photos of the event:


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