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7th IBREI Business Council Meeting Highlights High-Level Lectures

On the last Wednesday, January 31, the IBREI Business Council gathered at the Órama Investimentos facilities for a meeting filled with insights and perspectives for the year 2024.

IBREI President, Mauricio Prazak, opened the meeting by recalling the foundation of the Council and welcoming new members Eduardo Cincinato, President of ABCasa, and Giselle Estefano, Executive Director of Rádio e TV Bandeirantes.

Lilian Schiavo, President of the Business Council, introduced the distinguished speakers of the evening. Walter Machado, Fiscal Councilor of SEBRAE Nacional, initiated the presentations with an engaging talk on "Reputational Risk."

Following this, Flávio Morgenstern from Revista Oeste shared his insights on "Geopolitical Perspectives for 2024," providing a profound and up-to-date analysis.

The final presentation was delivered by Gilvan Bueno, Partner and Educational Manager at Órama, the hosting company of the Council meeting. He provided a detailed overview of Órama, concluding the gathering on an informative and collaborative note.

The meeting was marked not only by the quality of the presentations but also by networking among the members, reinforcing IBREI's ongoing commitment to offering enriching events and connection opportunities for its associates.


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