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IBREI travels to Franca/SP

IBREI strengthens commercial ties between Franca/SP and Vietnam

The Brazilian Institute for the Development of International Business Relations (IBREI) started the year 2024 at full throttle, seeking to strengthen export opportunities for Brazilian companies. During a strategic visit to the city of Franca, in the interior of São Paulo, IBREI had the honor of hosting Mr. Ngo Xuan Ty, commercial attaché of the Embassy of Vietnam in Brazil.

During their stay in Franca, the IBREI team conducted a series of visits to various local factories and companies, exploring the economic diversity of the region. Among the sectors visited, companies in the leather industry, collagen production, propolis production, and the Cocapec Coffee Cooperative stood out.

The main objective of the visit was to create and develop export opportunities for companies in Franca in the Vietnamese market. The affiliated company Gateway International ( worked together with IBREI in developing the entire meeting agenda.

The presence of Mr. Ngo Xuan Ty certainly contributed to opening doors for strategic partnerships and promising business opportunities. Vietnam is currently a market of great relevance on the international stage, with a constantly growing economy and an increasing demand for various products. With a population of over 97 million inhabitants, the Asian country offers a vast consumer market. The most significant import sectors include footwear, textiles, electronics, machinery and equipment, among others.

During the meetings and visits, IBREI and Mr. Ngo Xuan Ty discussed specific opportunities for companies in Franca, considering the demands and preferences of the Vietnamese market.

IBREI is committed to promoting the internationalization of Brazilian companies, facilitating entry into new markets and fostering economic growth. Join IBREI and open your doors to the world.


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