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IBREI Strengthens Ties in Meeting with the Brazil-Senegal Chamber of Commerce

On January 29th, Monday, IBREI advanced its mission of strengthening international relations by holding a significant meeting with the Brazil-Senegal Chamber of Commerce (Cambrasen). The meeting, attended by Amath Toure, President of Cambrasen, and Geriane Oliveira, Communication Manager of the institution, was a notable step in fostering economic collaboration.

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss not only the economic aspects of Senegal but also to explore vast business possibilities between Brazil and Senegal. A notable highlight was the emphasis on Senegal's stability in the region, positioning it as a favorable environment for investments and commercial collaborations.

The dialogue involved an in-depth analysis of the social and economic factors characterizing Senegal, as well as a constructive exchange of ideas on how the partnership between IBREI and Cambrasen can catalyze promising opportunities.

At the end of the meeting, an institutional partnership between the Brazil-Senegal Chamber of Commerce and IBREI was formalized. This collaboration seals the commitment of both organizations to foster positive economic exchange between Brazil and Senegal, opening doors for future joint projects and initiatives. IBREI, once again, strengthens its position as a catalyst for connections and opportunities on the international stage.


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