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IBREI participates in the last 2023 meeting of G100 Brazil discussing analysis and perspectives

The Brazilian Institute for the Development of International Business Relations (IBREI) was present at the G100 Brazil meeting, held on the stage of the Roda Viva program on TV Cultura.

The president of IBREI, Maurício Prazak, and Lilian Schiavo, president of the IBREI business council and president of OBME, represented the institution at the meeting, highlighting IBREI's commitment to strategic discussions.

IBREI, as an official member of the G100 council, consolidated its presence at the event, bringing valuable insights on analyses and perspectives for the years 2023, 2024, and beyond. The central theme of the meeting revolved around these projections, aiming to provide a comprehensive view of economic and political trends.

As renowned speakers, Senator and astronaut Marcos Pontes brought his unique perspective on future challenges and opportunities, while renowned economist Gesner Oliveira enriched the discussions with his expertise in the economic scenario.

The diversity of knowledge and experiences of the participants contributed to an enriching and reflective dialogue.

IBREI reaffirms its commitment to being an active agent in discussions that shape the business and political landscape, consolidating itself as a catalyst for innovative ideas and initiatives.


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