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Meeting of IBREI's Business Council Highlights Brazilian Agribusiness and the Role of Women in the S

Brazilian Agribusiness and the Role of Women in this Sector were in Focus at the Last Business Council Meeting

São Paulo, December 7, 2023 — IBREI, the Brazilian Institute of International Business Relations Development, held a significant meeting of its Business Council on Wednesday (12/6) at the São Paulo State Assembly - Alesp.

The focal point of the gathering was an enriching lecture on "Agribusiness in Brazil," delivered by Juliana Farah, a rural producer and executive with over two decades of experience in finance, logistics, and business management.

Juliana Farah provided a comprehensive overview of Brazilian agribusiness, emphasizing its significance to the national economy. She addressed the challenges and opportunities within this crucial sector, offering attendees an in-depth understanding of the current landscape.

Furthermore, the presentation specifically addressed the role of women in agribusiness, with Juliana sharing valuable insights about the "Sowers of Agro." By highlighting the presence and contributions of women in this field, the presentation not only brought a unique perspective but also contributed to the dialogue on diversity and inclusion within the sector.

The event brought together members of IBREI's Business Council, entrepreneurs, and professionals interested in the development of agribusiness. Alesp provided a conducive environment for the exchange of ideas and experiences, further strengthening the bonds among participants.

IBREI's Business Council Meeting continues to fulfill its vital role by addressing pertinent topics and fostering constructive discussions on matters directly impacting the Brazilian business landscape. This specific gathering not only offered valuable insight into agribusiness but also underscored the importance of the role of women in the ongoing progress of this sector, vital to the country's economy.


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