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"Flavors of Uruguay" Event Brings Together Dignitaries and Entrepreneurs in a Memorable Gathering

On February 22, 2024, the Brazilian Institute of International Business Relations (IBREI) successfully hosted the "Flavors of Uruguay" event in partnership with the Consulate General of Uruguay.

The gathering, held at the sophisticated Rooftop IBREI venue, provided a unique experience that combined gastronomy, networking, and the distinguished presence of some of the highest authorities from the Brazilian and Uruguayan governments.

Presence of Uruguayan Authorities:

The event had the honorable presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay, Dr. Omar Paganini, who enriched the gathering with his participation and insights on the relations between the two countries.

In addition to the Minister, we highlight the presence of the illustrious Ambassador of Uruguay to Brazil, Guillermo Valles, Ambassador Gabriel Bellón, and the Consul General of Uruguay in São Paulo, Ambassador Marta Echarte Baraibar.

The participation of these authorities strengthened the ties between Brazil and Uruguay, underscoring the significance of the event..

Presence of Brazilian Authorities:

The "Flavors of Uruguay" event also had the delightful presence of representatives from the Brazilian government, including Ambassador Irene Vida Gala, the Representative of APEX Brazil in São Paulo, Sílvio Torres, the Advisor to the Southeast Office of APEX Brazil, Sandro Kuschnir, the President of SP Negócios, João Manoel Scudeler de Barros, and the Director of SP Negócios, Márcia Gomide. This diverse and qualified presence highlights the relevance of the event for the international business scenario.

Media Coverage:

The "Flavors of Uruguay" event received media attention, with exclusive coverage by Band News, further expanding the visibility and impact of the gathering. In addition, reporters from various media outlets were present at the event.

Participation of Entrepreneurs from Brazil and Uruguay:

With sponsorship from Finocchio & Ustra Law Office, over 120 entrepreneurs were in attendance, solidifying the event as an important meeting point for networking, sharing experiences, and exploring business opportunities between Brazil and Uruguay.


The event, led by IBREI President Maurício Prazak, featured presentations by Dr. Sebastian Risso, Executive Director of Uruguay XXI, as well as Dr. Martin Soca, Director of the Arechavaleta Office. Both provided valuable information and insights about the Uruguayan market and opportunities for Brazilian companies.

Tasting of Award-Winning Products:

Throughout the night, over 10 Uruguayan companies offered attendees a true gastronomic journey, presenting products that are genuine treasures of Uruguay.

Exceptional wines, traditional empanadas, irresistible "palomitas" (popcorn), authentic dulce de leche, delicious cheeses, high-quality olive oil, unique spices, among others, were available for tasting, accompanied by a beautiful selection of Uruguayan music.

The attending entrepreneurs had the unique opportunity to explore the richness of Uruguayan cuisine, sampling high-quality products with international recognition.

The initiative not only promoted commercial exchange but also strengthened cultural ties between the two countries.

Gifts to the Minister:

At the end of the event, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay, Dr. Omar Paganini, was presented with highly awarded products from various Brazilian companies. Coffee, collagen, wine, propolis, cachaça, and other treats were delivered as an expression of appreciation and gratitude for his illustrious participation in the event.

IBREI thanks the Consulate-General for the opportunity to host this important event. It reaffirms its commitment to organizing excellent events that drive international business relations. "Sabores do Uruguai" was a true success, providing a unique and conducive atmosphere for strengthening bilateral ties between these two friendly nations.

We thank all participants, authorities, and partners who contributed to the success of this memorable event. IBREI will continue to promote initiatives that strengthen commercial and diplomatic relations, building a future of prosperity and mutual collaboration.

Check out all the photos of this great event


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