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Vietnam-Brazil Business Forum: Exploring Bilateral Business Opportunities

The Vietnam-Brazil Business Forum, organized by IBREI in collaboration with the Commercial Office of the Embassy of Vietnam in Brazil, unfolded on Tuesday, December 5, shedding light on the Vietnamese market and the promising business prospects it offers.

The event welcomed Mr. Ty, the Commercial Minister of Vietnam in Brazil, who delivered a compelling speech emphasizing the vast array of business opportunities between Brazil and Vietnam. Mr. Ty also showcased some Vietnamese products, providing attendees with a tangible glimpse into the diverse offerings of the Vietnamese market.

The audience had the privilege of hearing from notable speakers, including the Director of Invest SP and partners from the Commercial Office of Vietnam in Brazil. Their insightful speeches added depth to the forum, offering valuable perspectives on the current business landscape and future collaborations between the two nations.

Beyond the informative sessions, the forum created a conducive environment for networking, allowing participants to forge connections and exchange ideas. The fusion of knowledge sharing and networking made the event a dynamic platform for fostering meaningful business relationships.

The Vietnam-Brazil Business Forum stands as a testament to IBREI's commitment to facilitating international business dialogues and creating opportunities for global collaboration. As the participants departed, the echoes of newfound insights and connections lingered, promising a future of strengthened economic ties between Vietnam and Brazil.


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