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IBREI Actively Participates in the Spain-Brazil Business Meeting at the Palacio Tangará Hotel

The Brazilian Institute for International Business Relations (IBREI) had a prominent participation in the Spain-Brazil Business Meeting, held on March 7th at the Palacio Tangará Hotel. The event brought together important authorities and business representatives from Brazil and Spain in a conducive space for dialogue and the establishment of strategic partnerships.

The opening of the meeting was marked by welcoming remarks delivered by Silvio Costa, Minister of Ports and Airports of Brazil, and Carlos Cuerpo, Minister of Economy, Trade, and Companies in Spain. Both highlighted the importance of strengthening economic relations between the two countries.

The centerpiece was a dialogue panel moderated by Xiana Mendéz, State Secretary of Commerce of Spain and President of ICEX Spain Export and Investment. The panel included Aloysio Nunes, Chief of Strategic Affairs Division of the Apex Office in São Paulo; Jose Luis Bonet, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain; Marcos Madureira, President of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Brazil; Antonio Garamendi, President of the Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organizations (CEOE); and Trindade Jimenéz, President of the Brazil-Spain Chamber of Commerce.

The event also provided networking opportunities during the coffee break, allowing participants to strengthen connections and explore collaboration opportunities.

Two panels addressed crucial topics for economic development, the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) and the "New Industry Brazil" Program. Both featured prominent figures from the market, consolidating the meeting as a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas and experiences between entrepreneurs and authorities.

IBREI is active presence in this Business Meeting underscores the institution's commitment to fostering international business relations and creating an environment conducive to sustainable economic development. IBREI's role strengthens the message of international cooperation. In an increasingly interconnected world, promoting mutual understanding and collaboration between nations is essential, and IBREI consistently contributes to this process.

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