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Embaixadora Institucional para Rússia



"Brazil and Russia are the largest countries on their continents, with great cultural riches and histories. The economies of these countries are based on the diversity of natural resources, advanced technologies and high production capacity. In 1828 diplomatic relations were established between the two countries, with exchanges in various sectors for over 190 years. In this context, the IBREI Institute works to expand interaction between Russia and Brazil, building, strengthening and multiplying integration bridges between the two countries". IBREI Institutional Ambassador for Russia”. – SIMONE PIWOWARCZYK

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IBREI office at RUSSIA

“The Russian Federation is a vast, diverse and resource-rich country; With a population of more than 140 million inhabitants, it is the most populous country in Europe, with its capital, Moscow, also the most populous city on the European continent. Rich in exports of natural resources, gas, oil and precious metals, it accounts for the majority of economic activity; However, the government's investment in economic diversification is bringing excellent results, with the country experiencing an incredible modernization drive, particularly in the last decade, positively affecting diverse sectors, from infrastructure to technology. Today, Russia benefits from a modern banking system, a wide supply of highly qualified professionals and a business-friendly environment that attracts companies from around the world seeking to access the country's vast consumer market. Our goal is to use our experience in the market to help guide companies in Brazil looking to expand in Russia and vice versa and facilitate networking between companies from these two important world economies.”. – International Representative for Russia - Ivan Bueno Causo ​ ​


IBREI Rússia

Ivan Causo

Representante Internacional - IBREI Rússia


Escritório IBREI Rússia

Endereço: PRESNENSKAYA NAB. 10, BLOCK C, 4TH FLOOR, EMBANKMENT TOWER, Moscow, 123112, Rússia

Telefone: +7 926 283-48-26


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