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IBREI Participates in Rondônia Day Event at the Embassy of Côte D'Ivoire in Brasília

Brasília - The Brazilian Institute for International Business Relations (IBREI) was present at the Rondônia Day event, held at the Embassy of Côte D'Ivoire in Brasília.

In the third edition of Rondônia Day, held this Tuesday (26) in Brasília (DF), IBREI was present as an integral part, witnessing the state's increasingly highlighted commercial and productive potential on both national and international stages. The event underscored the efforts of the State Government to advance exports, resulting in business opportunities to foster economic and social development.

Throughout the event, representatives from 25 embassies participated in discussions on investment opportunities, commercial partnerships, and cooperation across various sectors, aiming to drive economic development and strengthen ties between Rondônia and the countries represented by the attending ambassadors.

The presence of Rondônia's Governor, Marcos Rocha, alongside various ambassadors from Africa, the Middle East, and Mercosur, underscored the event's significance as an opportunity to promote cooperation and exchange between Rondônia and other regions of the world.

IBREI's participation in this event reaffirms the organization's commitment to promoting the development of international business relations and contributing to the economic and social growth of various regions in Brazil.

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