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Foundation of IBREI Business Council

On 03/15/2023, IBREI held the first meeting of the IBREI BUSINESS COUNCIL.

The Council is made up of 30 chairs held exclusively by CEOs, CFOs, presidents and Country Managers of national and multinational companies headquartered in Brazil.

The objective of the Council is to create a permanent and constant articulation with senior representatives of the national business community, from the most different sectors, aiming at the development of concrete actions in favor of the improvement of the national and international business environment.

In addition, the Council proposes to collaborate with the strengthening, facilitation and qualification of communications between the public and private sectors, as well as collaborating in the creation or alteration of public policies for the benefit of the business sector and society as a whole.

On the day of the meeting, the following distinguished Councilors took office:

  • Adriana Colloca - President of ABEVD

  • Alexandre Moshe Parzew - CEO of Alloha Fibras

  • Alyne Freitas - CEO ABAS

  • Ana Quirino - Managing Director at National Freight

  • Antônio Augusto Orcesi da Costa - Owner at Caruso Lounge

  • Carlos Henrique Bandeira de Mello - Board Member of Tenda Atacado

  • Cátilo Cândido - President of ABRALATAS

  • Celso Cintra - CEO of Sigvaris

  • Dani Ajbeszyc - CFO of Global Logistics Prop.

  • Daniel McQuoid - CEO of MD Invest Partners

  • Grazielle Parenti - Latam Head by Syngenta

  • José Bosco Silveira Jr. - President of the Terphane Group

  • Linconl Rocha - President of PAGOS

  • Luiz Roberto Kallas - owner of Grupo Kallas

  • Luiz Calado - Omni Group Board Member

  • Maristella Iannuzzi - Director of Tigre Group

  • Marly Parra - Advisor at iHub Investimentos

  • Peter Gottschalk - CEO of Wheaton Brazil

  • Rodrigo Romero - President of the G100Ⓡ Brasil

  • Rodrigo Rocha Loures - President of Nutrimental

  • Rossana Sadir - Board Member at Furnas and Tata Group

  • Tânia Reis - CEO of Serpa Group

  • Tirso de Salles Meirelles - Vice-President of FAESP

  • Walter Machado de Barros - Fiscal Counselor of the National SEBRAE

The Council will be chaired by Lilian Schiavo, President of OBME and Director of IBREI.

Check out photos from that historic moment below:


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