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Fórum de Cooperação Coreia do Sul - América Latina

On September, the Cooperation Forum South Korea - Latin America took place with the opening by the high official of the Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of South Korea, president of the Korean Council on the Latin American and the Caribbean, as well as the presentation of the speakers from the following entities:

  • Korean Eximbank,

  • CAF - Development Bank of Latin America,

  • Korean Association of Infrastructure, KIND -

  • Korea Overseas Infrastructure & Urban Development Corporation, and

  • CABEI - Central American Fund (which South Korea joined as member to support the regional development).

The speakers discussed the role of each institution, some business cases, as well as the expectations of each side and the plans pos-covid. As the official representative of South Korea in Brazil, Su Jung Ko said: "see the importance to strengthen the relations between South Korea and Brazil (and Mercosul) in order to facilitate the interaction of the relevant institutions from South Korea with the demands in this region. Regardless of the result in short term, the importance is to keep the dialogue open and express the interest to each other at institutional level, so that the private sector and the civil society can also benefit from these policies and ecosystem".

The event had the special participation of the President of IBREI, Maurício Prazak.


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